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Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft 1.19


Minecraft 1.19 - the release of this update is announced on Minecraft Live 2021. In it, on available information from representatives, biomes will be worked out and dark depths, guard, Mob Elai, etc. Also, the world of the game will also be complemented by new: animals, plants, trees, blocks, blocks . Water transport and construction accessories will appear.
Mangrove swamps. They will consist of soil blocks (dirt) with the presence of several species of the animal world: frogs, fireflies.
Dark depths. Will be underground with the presence of the creature Varden. This character can take life from the player in just 2 strikes (with the presence of armor).
Dark depths. A rare structure, which is very difficult. Those who find out, expects to find new items there (for example, candles, skulls). At the same time, it will be possible to acquire useful blocks here.
Elei. Looking for lost things and picks up (can throw out).
New mobs. Warden (dwells in dark depths), ELY, frogs (several species), tadpoles, fireflies.

The release date of the full version of Minecraft 1.19: It is known only approximately - it is expected to fly 2022. Test versions should appear in the near future.

Скачать Minecraft 1.19 на андроид бесплатно

Как установить кэш к игре Minecraft 1.19
  • 1) Установить APK
  • 2) Распаковать папку кэша в /Android/obb/
  • 3) Должно получиться так /Android/obb/папка_кэша/файл *obb
  • 4) Запустить приложение
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